The origin of the black spiced Kraken Rum.

Check out this epic adventure for Kraken Rum a deliciously black rum made with 13 secret spices. The ad follows the brand story origins: “The Kraken” is a creature famous for attacking ships in the Caribbean. They said that the first bottle of Kraken was discovered by those who survived the attack by this gigantic and dark octopus and later found a single remaining bottle, after all were destroyed during the shipwreck.

Maybe the Kraken also spiced up the formula with a dash of ink?

At Tracks & Fields we did the creative music research and negotiated the licensing of the chosen song “I Won’t Go To Heaven” by Alias.

Enjoy it here! Cheers!

Agency: Purple Creative | Production Company: Fight Gravity | Director: Rudolf Peter Kiss

Service Prod. Co.: Umbrella Collective | Music Supervision: Tracks and Fields.

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