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We Simply Can’t Get Enough of this Jacobs Coffee Ad



When it comes to good, strong, refreshing coffee, people around the world simply can’t get enough. No matter whether if it’s filter, instant or beans, people connect with the brands that provide them with a potent, heady brew every single morning. 

To promote their coffee in the South African market, Jacobs have released a short and sweet spot celebrating the idea of “finding your wonderful” through a fine cup of joe. Depicting a man walking onto his terrace in the morning with a fresh coffee, the strong taste brings the whole neighbourhood alive, from the local cleaner, to boys playing football in the street, to even birds chirping — perfectly showing how great java can easily bring your day alive.   

Jacobs, part of the Jacob Douwe Egberts company, have been around since 1895, and are one of the leading coffee brands in the world, operating in most of Europe, Asia, central America and parts of Southern Africa. With high brand awareness, represented by their iconic gold on green logo, their advertisement campaign rests upon the pre-existing strength of their product, showing how its users can’t resist using Jacobs coffee when they wake up. 

To help promote this idea of simply not being able to get enough of Jacobs Coffee, we licensed the classic 1981 Depeche Mode track “Just Can’t Get Enough.” Our unique and playful re-arrangement replaces the iconic synth and drum machines for more of an analogue feel; featuring piano playing, hand-clapping and even the sweep of a brush, suggesting the whole world in sync, if only for a brief moment. 

We hope you can find your wonderful by checking out both the Bulgarian and South African spots below: 

Brand: Jacobs | Agency: Hercules

Music Supervision and Licensing: Tracks & Fields

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