Pettson & Findus are striving for the best Christmas ever

Pettson and Findus
The sequel of Pettson & Findus (German: Petterson & Findus) titled “the best Christmas ever” was released in November to audiences in Scandinavia and Germany.
Being in cinemas for several weeks already, the film is still among the top 10 movies in Germany.

After something goes wrong the inventive Pettson can’t keep his promise to give Findus the best Christmas ever. To avoid being cancelled at all, Findus is trying to get help on his own.

The beautifully animated feature film directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi is based on the popular novels of Sven Nordqvist. Tracks & Fields licensed several songs for the soundtrack, one of them being the world famous “Winter Wonderland”.

Here is a collection of the trailer of the film in Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and German.

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