Skoda – Nothing More Important Than Family

Skoda’s narrative places the viewer in the front seat to share the heartfelt moments between family members, and puts particular emphasis on the true importance of the loved ones around you.

After all, what is more important than family? Well, of course, the perfect track to ensure this message is emphasised, and Tracks & Fields have delivered just that!

Tracks & Fields uplifting re-recording of We Are Family perfectly compliments the tone and message of this cheerful advert. This rendition of the number one hit has been tailored to fit the storyline and bring the energy into this campaign which places families at the centre. 

This advert cleverly presents the modern features of the latest Skoda models by showcasing the practicality of the vehicle, making it the perfect family car, and much more. 

Watch the advert here and don’t forget to let your family and loved ones know how important they are!

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