Go as far as you want to with the new Volkswagen ID.6

New Volkswagen ID.6 ad features That Chicc - licensed through Tracks & Fields

Volkswagen clears up outdated prejudices regarding electric cars in their new ad for the ID.6 by showing that they can not only compete but also beat other car models (and humans) when it comes to driving range.

The film features an historic duel – man vs. machine – but instead of driving fast racing cars, the modern version is about a couple. The woman rides her bike while the man is at the wheel of an electric car (the ID.6). After a 550 km ride, things take an unexpected turn – the car still offers 45 km remaining range. An equal surprise follows for the woman, as there is a birthday cake waiting in the trunk.

The music accompanying this humorous ad, ‘Get it.Got it. Good’ by That Chicc, supplies the necessary positive energy needed to make things happen. The track is catchy yet empowering – perfect music to get you going!

Check out the ad here:

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