As personal as you – Google launches its latest Google phone

Lauch campaign for the new Google Phone with Music by Swim Mountain, licensed by Tracks & Fields - Thumbnail

Your mobile phone is now your closest, most familiar companion. Imagine a day without it – no social updates or directions for you!

Around the world 80% of people own smartphones and they are an essential part in our lives as there’s always something going on that needs to be mentioned online instantly with just one tap away from anywhere at any time. The new Google Phone can adjust itself according what kind of user its owner will become: personal & informal when sitting around home surrounded by family members who loves talking deep stuff over coffee; professional during business trips where being well-prepared matters most.

Their newest ad marks the launch of the latest model of the Google phone and depicts scenes of these unique individuals, people like you and me and shows how the product’s features can make our modern life easier.

The film needed a life embracing and modern song to accompany the story and Swim Mountain’s “Youth” perfectly fits the bill.

Here’s the film:

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