Volkswagen’s new Polo ad – Who says you can’t?

The new Volkswagen Polo Ad - Who says cou cant - with music from Tracks and Fields Thumbnail

I guess everyone has experienced these situation before. When trying something new, of following an unusual route there is always the doubters out there, the voices telling you “girls/boys don’t do that”, “it’s too risky” or “it’s just impossible”.

Well, we need to stop listening to them and follow our own way. It’s time for a victory and the new advert from Volkswagen for their Polo model takes those comments and turns them into fuel for those who follow their dreams despite what other people may say.

The protagonists in the film are a professional karate girl, a female astronaut, a tattooed judge and many more. The clear message is that what people think doesn’t matter, that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Who says you can’t?

The footage is calling for a modern and energetic tune. Tracks & Fields has provided the music and “Next up” by Barks IV is perfectly fitting the spot. The music sounds as modern as the film’s protagonists, and just like them its message will stand out from the crowd.

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