Onitsuka Tiger step back to the 90s with their new collection “Downtown Rave”

Inspired by the Berlin techno scene, Onitsuka Tiger’s latest film is modish, mysterious and as per usual downright cool. 

Despite being ahead of the game when it comes to predicting trends, their new range takes inspiration from 90s fashion featuring a series of chunky shoes with thick soles that throwback to the era.

Once again Onitsuka’s striking models are the star of the show: cool and composed, staring down the camera whilst illuminated by flashing strobes. They epitomise the edge and mode of 90s-style raving. 

Our music supervision work was crucial for bringing this “Downtown Rave” to life. Based in the techno-hub that is Berlin, our expert team could draw from personal experience to find the perfect soundtrack.

Wabz’s sparse and glitchy track “NightRider” captures the unpredictability and intensity of raving. Offbeat, pitched down and un-melodic, this track reshapes the sound of advertising. 

Watch the film in full here:

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