Zalando starts the festive season with an epic advert

Tracks and Fields licensed M83 for the new Zalando Ad - thumbnail

Zalando, the German online fashion retailer with over 40 million customers and operating in 23 countries, has released its new advert to celebrate the festive season.

The hashtag is #joyisours, and Zalando created a beautiful film with intimate scenes of togetherness and emotions, underlining the true meaning of the festive season. The main theme are these moments we experience with others, moments of joy that take us away.

The depicted scenes are paired with a narrative voice over that reminds the viewer of historic rocket takeoffs into space, which is a beautiful symbol of the magnitude of these moments.

The music we licensed for this ad is M83’s epic and cinematic hit “Outro”, which has been used in various TV shows and films. With its epic sound it is kind of contrasting to the intimate scenes, but beautifully underlines the grandeur of deep emotions and joy at the same time.

See the ad here:

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