Our latest synch for PLUS features a Motown classic

Latest placement for PLUS banner
We are excited about our latest placement for PLUS! Their new image film is showcasing their vast offering in the streaming entertainment landscape, in a way that informs and engages their target audience. PLUS is the all-inclusive streaming service, with more than 100 live TV channels from around the world. PLUS offers a large library of on-demand feature films/TV shows and live sports.

We licensed Phil Collins’ wonderful cover of “Can’t hurry love” by the Supremes for this film. It was a great fit for the young, cool vibe PLUS is going for.

We are happy about the synch. It was a pleasure working with them to support their marketing efforts and we look forward to a long productive partnership.

Did you know that the Supremes version of “Can’t hurry love” was #1 in the US, while Phil Collins’ cover reached #1 in UK, Ireland and the Netherlands?

Check out the ad here:

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