Member Spotlight: Noontides

‘We Are’ by Noontides was placed by Tracks&Fields in the latest VW iD6 campaign. And because the song is so good and we love celebrating our members, come with us to get to know Noontides for this edition of our “Member Spotlight”.

Here we will learn more about the artists behind the song and the inspiration behind the artist. But, before we start be sure to check out the ad with the dynamic and incredible track that accompanies it here:

“We wanted to write something that was confident and anthemic but also just plain fun and something you can dance to. Like the feeling you have when you’re on the top of the world and no one can stop you… but in a collective sense.” Noontides opened up about their track ‘We Are’. “Like together we are unstoppable, confident, and oh yeah we have fun too. The chorus idea originally came to Jason, and then we finished writing it with our producer, Ryan Corn.” they continued.

Jason and Rachel Fort make up the duo pop band Noontides. Music has always been a thing for them, and Noontides is their most recent project. They enjoy writing songs with meaningful and intentional lyrics that are quick to get stuck in your head with a beat that gets you moving. “Noontide” is the brightest part of the day, and their hope is that their songs make listeners feel a little brighter in a hazy world. Since officially launching Noontides in 2020, their songs have been featured on MTV, Facebook Watch, and Volkswagen.

Noontides were also cool enough to send us this awesome playlist with music that they like to listen to, in case you’re looking to make the brightest part of the day even brighter:

What is next for Noontides, you might wonder. “We are currently working on our first EP project hopefully to be released late summer/early fall

You can keep up with Noontides by following them on their Instagram

And on their Spotify:

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