‘Of course’ you can do it with Raiffeisen

Raiffeisenbank latest campaign with music from Tracks & Fields thumbnail

Raiffeisenbank launches their latest campaign, focusing on how a bank can make your life easier. ‘Samozřejmě’ (Czech for ‘Of course’) is their tagline, and the answer to any questions the protagonists might have. Their free bank account comes with a CZK 4,000 bonus – of course.

The brand is focusing on its clients, showing them in various situations, in which their free Raiffeisenbank account can help.

We needed to find a song that supports the personal and human mood and synchs with visuals of various kind. After a thorough creative process we have found a song that fits the bill – of course 😉

“Don’t wait don’t hesitate” by Stuart Maxfield and Aaron Anderson combines a mesmerizing rhythm and retro sound to create a unique and energetic track. The song is inspiring and positive, but at the same time has a kind of swagger that is very much in line with Raiffeisenbank.

At the same time the title feels like a call to action, which perfectly synchs with the bank’s message.

As a side note: in the films you can also hear the new soundlogo of the brand, also a project of ours.

Check the films here:


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