VW bring life to the party with the all new Golf

The latest spot for VW shows off their new Golf, building on its reputation as a car for every stage of life. We licensed the track ‘Lille Vals’ by Swedish producer Storken, providing a playful yet fresh soundtrack.

The song has a retro 80s vibe whilst maintaining a fresh, contemporary energy, making it the perfect match for the latest iteration of the iconic VW Golf. From an embarrassing dad to a hip young couple to an older woman on the hunt for her third husband, the film shows the Golf taking people from all walks of life to where they need to be.

The son of two musicians, from a young age Storken was heavily influenced by the likes of Elton John, Queen and Genesis, drumming along to Phil Collins on a range of household objects. Nowadays he produces electronica, but always keeping a toe in the classic sounds of his childhood.

Watch the VW Golf film here:

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