Remix of a bespoke song | Toyo Tires (Japan)

For TOYO TIRES’s “Ignite the Blue” commercial series, we at Tracks & Fields were in charge of the music production.

The beautiful blue colour of the sea is an exhilarating background for this beautiful scene of a blue car driving off.

Flynn Hudson wrote and composed the song alongside the vocalist Simon Alexander, who has an impressive voice. Flynn is an experienced writer who has composed many songs for commercials and following the theme and purpose of the project the exhilarating rock song ‘Ignite Your Blue’ has been composed.

Here is the completed commercial “To the road you haven’t explored. -Ignite the Blue-“:

Here we also have the winter version of “To the road you haven’t explored. -Ignite the Blue-“:

We also released a full version of the song on Spotify at the same time as the release of the commercial.

The following year, the production of a new commercial for the off-road tires began.

The concept remained the same with “Ignite the Blue” as the main keywords, so we decided to remix the song “Ignite Your Blue” to off-road specifications.

In the production of the remix, a profound feeling and energy were required to reach a feeling of wild adventure. In other words, it was more important to express rock and electronic elements than the original song, so we chose Boris Merkfeld as the new composer. The vocals were done again by the original vocalist Simon Alexander, who re-recorded for the remix and completed “Ignite Your Blue – Aggressive Remix-“.

Here is the completed commercial “To the road you haven’t explored. -Ignite the Blue – Off-road version”:

For the off-road version, we also released the full ‘Aggressive Remix’ on Spotify.

At Tracks & Fields, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in providing the best song for your work.

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