Alivia Oncology Foundation’s SMS support campaign for World Cancer Day

The statistic that every person in the world will be either personally or closely affected by cancer is sobering. Polish organisation Alivia Oncology Foundation hopes to invigorate support of cancer sufferers by empowering others to lend their support via their mobile phones. Their message is: SMSes can beat cancer.

The new campaign was released in time for World Cancer Day, and depicts cancer as a 3D-rendered monster. This creature has featured in previous Alivia campaigns, and here it isolates the film’s cancer-stricken heroine in her condition while haunting her day with pain and fear. The cancer is eventually minimised through the action of strangers, who send messages to the Alivia SMS service to offer solidarity and support for her. Eventually, she is able to gain the advantage over her diagnosis.

This critical message has been paired with an affecting piano-led ballad. Tracks & Fields undertook the music supervision work of this project, and to hit the perfect note of emotion, sensitivity and triumph, the song “Purity of Silence” was selected. The composition is written by young Munich-based classical pianist Christian Reindl, with beautiful vocals by Ruuth and violin accents from Lucie Paradis.

The Alivia campaign was prepared pro-bono in cooperation with Ogilvy Agency. The creator of the 3D cancer model is the studio Platige Images, the spot was directed by Aliaksandr Sasha Kanavalau, and the production and post-production were completed by Film Fiction, Orka and Cafe Ole.

Watch Alivia Oncology Foundation’s SMS campaign film, below.

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