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Life Style Sports hosts a dance showdown for the holidays in their new Trainer Central spot

Holding the mantle of Ireland‘s largest sports retailer, Life Style Sports is heading into the holiday season with a competitive mindset!

Their Christmas Showdown 2018 campaign for the company’s fashion and lifestyle department Trainer Central is a narrative short film following the hype-up process for a young protagonist. He trains, poses and receives encouragement from hi supportive parents ahead of what appears to be a fierce contest with a foe.

As the two men meet in a streetwear clad church, our is eventually crowned the winner after a fierce popping-and-locking routine.

Our music supervision work with this campaign included sourcing the music to soundtrack the gritty hyper-realism of the early home scenes, as well as the action that later explodes into colour and movement. The perfect pitch was found in “Drippin’ (Instrumental Mix)”, by Las Vegas, Nevada based trio Splitbreed, whose hip hop infused dance music has had them riding the crossover EDM sound.

Watch Life Style Sports’ Christmas Showdown 2018 : Trainer Central spot below.

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