Our latest sync comes from Berlin in this recent spot for BMW

Here at Tracks & Fields we love an effective, sentimental spot and our latest project with BMW has it in spades.

There is nothing that warms the heart more than a father and son spending quality time together in the outdoors. Using the setting of a father and sons fishing trip, the ad showcases the range of integrated features and accessories offered by the new BMW 5 series sedan.

For a spot like this the music is particularly important and must be chosen carefully. To match the setting of the ad and the tone of the video, the song needed to be warm and organic. It has to carry the sentimental feeling of the spot while associating the positive, wholesome relationship of the father and son with owning the car itself. Conversely, at the risk of the spot losing sincerity, the musical supervisor must ensure that the song chosen is not overly cheesy or sappy.

To find exactly what was needed we searched far and wide but ultimately found something in our own backyard. It’s always a good feeling synch -ing Berlin artists and it was our pleasure being able to use local Folk-Pop, singer/songwriter Unknown Neighbour and his track ‘You & Me’. A stunning mix of sparse, organic instrumentation and a tender melody offset by the singers smokey, husky voice.

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