W.KRUK introduces a new jewelry collection with famous friends and a Samuel Jack album preview

The new campaign advert from jewelry house W.KRUK celebrates a collection designed by Polish actresses Magdalena Cielecka & Maja Ostaszewska.

The two women named the collection ‘PRZYJAŹŃ‘, the Polish word for friendship, and its leitmotif is the rosemary branch, an ancient symbol of friendship, love and loyalty. Now considered some of the finest contemporary actors in Poland, the pair’s bond was first formed while they were young students at Krakow’s theatre school.

Accompanying the campaign film is a star turn by rising British singer-songwriter Samuel Jack. We selected his vintage-sounding number “Sway” for the campaign, and not only does it provide the perfect adult contemporary soundtrack it also serves as an appetiser for Jack’s forthcoming album, which will be released this month.

Watch the complete PRZYJAŹŃ campaign film below!


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