Sony Bravia Reveal True Colors With Hundreds of Bursting Balloons

Sony Bravia is back with stunning visuals, bursts of colour and captivating music in a new advertising campaign, which features licensed music from Tracks and Fields.

The advert titled ‘Glitter Balloons’ follows firmly in the footsteps of previous Sony Bravia adverts. Such as the stunning ‘Paint’ advert and the mesmerising ‘Balls’ advert of 2006, which saw thousands of coloured balls bounce their way through downtown San Francisco.
However, instead of bouncy balls or paint, this time hundreds of white balloons are gathered together inside an abandoned casino in Constanța, Romania. The city’s historic monument then becomes the sight of colour and wonder, as the balloons explode glitter and bring back life to the art nouveau building.
Similar to the Cannes award-winning ‘Balls’ advert, Sony Bravia’s latest advert features a cover of an original song. For the spot, Tracks and Fields recommended a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ and licensed the copyright to the popular track. The track in the advert is a cover by English singer-songwriter Tom Odell. The new cover will also be available for download.
The licensed music has a soft offset to the impending chaos of hundreds of popping balloons. But still with the right build up. The balloons squeeze together just as Odell’s piano-based cover reaches the chorus, before revealing their “true colours” and showering glitter throughout the building.
The visuals and the message behind the licensed music effectively portray the message at the heart of the advert – the stunning colour and visual experience of Sony Bravia’s sleek new television.
The inspiring new Sony Bravia advert will be broadcast on TV in the UK, Ireland and Germany.
Watch the new Sony Bravia advert here:

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