Iggy Pop joins forces with an orchestral score in our latest spot for Volkswagen

There are few names in the history of music that captivate as much as that of Iggy Pop. So naturally we were more than happy to oblige in clearing his classic track ‘The Passenger’ for Volkswagen in their latest spot.

In addition we arranged the orchestral score that opens the ad. Working alongside DDB with the theme ‘The Power of Gestures’, we were automatically drawn to the powerful gestures of a conductor when leading an orchestra. It was from there we landed on the idea of an orchestral piece. It was then taken to our roster of composers, from which an original piece was composed.

In this spot the juxtaposition of the two pieces combine effectively to guide the feeling. With the orchestra in full swing, the ad arrives grandiose and sentimentally aspirational. The Volkswagen Golf’s new gesture control system is then presented and the spot changes in tone. As the first chords of ‘The Passenger’ ring out, the ad unwinds adopting a more laid back mood.

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