#WrapUp2022 Emotional & Famous songs

One of our favourite contributions from last year was for eBay Second Chance, an award-winning piece produced by Anorak with McCann Germany & beautifully crafted by Joanna Nordhal. It is a coming-of-age story, about two brothers and a special project that they build together over the summer. But nothing lasts forever and we will also see the fragility of these relationships as well as how to fix them.

At Tracks & Fields, we came across with “Another chance” the worldwide hit released in 2001 by American house producer and DJ Roger Sanchez. Raise the hand who remembers this hit!

The song makes a great match for the concept of the ad, where second chances and re-encounters can heal broken bonds.

Music and perfect songs have that healing power, what do you think?


Let’s move to another pick from this year: “Ohne Dich” an emotional short film for Google introducing the new generation of its Google Pixel smartphone.

With a concept developed by Anomaly, it’s a sweet spot produced by BWGTBLD and well executed by Stefanie Soho. Moreover, it’s a short film about young love, that reveals the features of the product as we follow the story.

At Tracks & Fields, we licensed the track “Red eyes” from the American indie rock band The War on Drugs, released in 2013 as part of their third studio album. 

You can watch it here! Enjoy it fellas!


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