Jill Stuart Beauty’s autumn campaign foregrounds a personal take on musical minimalism

With fall just around the corner, Jill Stuart Beauty‘s new campaign evokes velvety textures and autumnal tones with an introspective electronica soundtrack.

The soft feel of rose petals is the central motif of the brand’s Lip Blossom Velvet spot, and through our work with this project it is beautifully accompanied by the work of American composer Andrew Shapiro.

His song “Richard Serra (mix v2)” is a reworked version of the original “Richard Serra,” which appeared on his 2003 release Invisible Days EP. Although he is primarily influenced by ’80s new wave pop and Philip Glass-style minimalism, Invisible Days re-introduced Shapiro as a sound designer of vocal music; aided by the airy vocals of Keisha Hutchins. Minimalism in all its forms is never far from Shapiro’s mind, though: the song is in tribute to the real Richard Serra, the American minimalist sculptor and video artist.

The dreamy new spot for Jill Stuart Beaty can be seen below.

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