It’s Love At First Bite for Ferrero Duplo

German chocolate praline bar, Duplo, poke fun at the Smart Phone revolution in this charming new advert featuring music licensing from Tracks & Fields.

The advert sees two young people astonished to be the only travellers not occupied with a Smart Phone on the subway. While the young, old and even the moustachioed play games, text and take selfies, the two phoneless strangers catch each other’s gaze.
Bridging their meet-cute is a Duplo bar, from confectioner Ferrero, which is at first passed off as a mobile phone before being revealed as chocolate. But it’s not just any chocolate bar, in a line that sounds like it should be in an electronics commercial, the voiceover claims Duplo is ‘probably the smartest praline in the world’. And it definitely is a smart alternative, as the advert finishes with smiles and laughter.
Keeping up with the light-hearted nature of the advert, Tracks & Fields licensed music from the Canadian singer songwriter Marc Robillard. The upbeat synch of Robillard’s track ‘Time With You’ adds charm to the couple’s subway romance.
Check out the advert below and read more about spot over on Horizont:

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