Lidl celebrates quality at best prices with a customized hit

new Lidl ad with famous melody and custom lyrics to Macarena - licensed by Tracks & Fields thumbnail

Supermarket chain Lidl celebrates quality at best prices in their recent commercial campaign in Slovak Republic.
According to a representative survey of 2muse conducted from 1.7. to 30.11. Lidl placed first in the statement “Offers products at the best prices”.

What better way to celebrate this by taking a famous song and making it your own. The film shows customers and Lidl employees singing and dancing along to the famous melody of 90’s hit ‘Macarena’.

The song is the perfect infectious choice to make the audience want to dance and asing along as well.

Check out the translated lyrics and the film here:

A quality that really everyone can indulge in,
great offer full of squeezed things.
I love the feeling, unrestricted shopping,

Vegetables, fruits, peeps from the left – right,
For such a low price that it makes you dizzy.
They are waiting for me every day and that is really appreciated,

Certainty even in times when everything is changing fast?
How good that we have SUPER LIDL PRICES here.
Constantly the lowest, both men and women shine…

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