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Ad Digger – 29.1.2016

This week’s anticipation for the Super Bowl adverts hit over drive with many companies releasing teasers of their upcoming spots. One of the best teasers so far was from Snickers who, using their popular of ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ slogan, set up a very croaky Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK on his birthday.
While we’re not at the Super Bowl adverts yet, this week’s collection of the best advertising sync licensing has gone a bit sporty, with spots from the likes of Nike and Decathlon.

Jordan – ‘Built for More’
Determination and power keeps professional basketball player Carmelo ‘Melo’ Anthony going in this new advert for Nike’s Jordan Melo trainers. As we watch Melo mentally prepare to keep going, the sync license brings back memories of Oscar-winning movie ‘Whiplash’. The pre-cleared music, which comes from the soundtrack to the movie ‘Whiplash’, reminds us of the struggle and determination that kept the lead character going.

Song: Drum & Drone
Artist: Justin Hurwitz
Agency: Los York
Primavera Sound 2016 – Line Up
This year’s line up for Barcelona music festival Primavera Sound comes to life through the story of one man’s meeting with a mysterious woman. This year’s artists form the key words of his story, with one of the line-up, John Carpenter, providing a futuristic sync license that fits the animation – made up of neon outlines in space. Together with a perfectly suited sync license and a space-themed animation, the advert feels more like an animation for an 80s sci-fi film rather than a festival line-up.

Song: Vortex
Artist: John Carpenter
Agency: Snoop, Barcelona
Nike Football – ‘Ousadia Alegria’
Below the beating heart of the city of Barcelona, one graffiti artist is working hard into the night creating a mesmerising piece that will become part of the new football trainers for Nike. The power of the artist’s creativity is enhanced by the use of the entrancing repetitive sync license, ‘Boa Noite’ by Tropkillaz.

Song: Boa Noite
Artist: Tropkillaz
Agency: Archer’s Mark
Decathlon – ’40 Years of Sport’
Decathlon demonstrates how their products have transformed sports and leisure in this cheery advert celebrating the company’s 40th birthday. The advert, which features sweet pre-cleared from Robbie Nevil, portrays various sporting activities using makeshift equipment, which gives the company a youthful personality despite its 40 years.

Song: Be a Little Bad
Artist: Robbie Nevil
Agency: BETC Shopper

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