Ad Digger – 3.6.2016

This week in our pick of the best synch licensing in advertising, we have adverts that throwback to the early noughties for Motorola, some tribal spirit in an empowering campaign from Bodyform, and dancing animals for Sony.


Sony – ‘Party Animals’


Sony’s new high power audio XB7 speaker causes a stir amongst household pets in this advert featuring a synch license of the club hit ‘Animals’ by Martin Garrix. With the pets’ fur ruffled at the vibration of the sound, the advert effectively demonstrates just how powerful the speakers are in a cute way.



Artist: Martin Garrix

Song: Animals

Agency: Hope & Glory


Bodyform – ‘Blood’

Feminine hygiene brand Bodyform transforms women into powerful warriors in this inspiring new advert. The ad is set to a roaring synch license from a Canadian electronic duo, A Tribe Called Red, who use elements of First Nations music. The music gives the advert a tribal spirit, empowering women.



Artist: A Tribe Called Red

Song: Native Puppy Love

Agency: AMV BBDO

Motorola – ‘Moto 06.09.16’


Motorola flash us back to 2006 with this teaser advert, which has already gone viral, with over 2 million YouTube views. Back in 2006, the brand’s Moto Razr flip phone was the most wanted mobile on the market, and ten years later the phone is still remembered fondly. To truly embrace 2006, Motorola’s advert takes us back to high school, which is when most of the target viewing audience last used one of these phones. The advert is full of stereotypes from the early noughties: including ‘emos’, ‘jocks’, text speak and a popular song from the decade.



Artist: Boys Like Girls

Song: The Great Escape

Agency: VML

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