Family Film / Rodinny Film: Tracks & Fields gave the sound to Olmo Omerzu’s first feature

Family Relics trailer
Olmo Omerzu, a writer and director from Slovenia is developing his distinct interpreatation of European art-cinema with ambition to become one of the big leagues.

The film elegantly combines black comedy and drama showing a standard home-alone setup going completely wrong, after the boy of the family gets caught for skipping school. Audiences will enjoy the surprising thematic and geographical endeavours.

Tracks & Fields supervised the soundtrack to this feature film whch ran at various festivals (see below).
San Sebastian Film Festival 2015, New Directors (Spain) / Ostrava Kamera Oko (Czech Republic) / CineEast Luxembourg / Tokyo International Film Festival 2015 (Japan), In Competition, Best Artistic Contribution / Film Festival Cottbus 2015 (Germany), In Competition, Special Prize for an Outstanding Actor / Minsk Int’l Film Festival Listapad / Liffe Film Festival (Slovenia) / Int’l Film Festival Bratislava (Slovakia) / Zagreb Film Festival (Croatia) / Torino Film Festival (Italy) / Marrakech Int’l Film Festival (Morocco) / Vilnius Film Festival (Lithuania) / Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey) / Seattle International Film Festival (USA) / Transilvania Int’l Film Festival (Romania) / Al Este de Lima Film Festival (Peru) / EU Film Days (Japan) / Taipei Film Festival (Taiwan) / Pula Film Festival (Croatia) / Dubrovnik Film festival (Croatia) / New Zealand Int’l Film Fest (NZ) / European Film Festival Palic (Serbia) / Melbourne Int’l Film Festival (Australia)

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