Ad digger special: Tracks & Fields’ top 10 picks of music licensing in commercials 2016

Nothing sells a TV commercial like good music! In 2016, the advertising industry saw the creation of great soundtracks to TV commercials through ad music or sync licensing. The outcome was great commercials that featured the best of music licensing.
In no particular order, here are picks of the best songs that benefited from sync licensing in 2016 TV commercials.


Under Armour – Rule Yourself
The 2016 Under Armour commercial shows Michael Phelps doing racking up the laps and hour of mental preparation in readiness for Rio 2016 Olympics.

Song: The Last Goodbye
Artist: The Kills
Agency: Droga5


Mercedes Benz – Snow Date
A young boy with plans for a date is determined to go despite an ongoing snowstorm. The boy is driven by the father to the movie theater, where he meets his date just at the right time.

Song: Make You Feel My Love
Artist: Sleeping At Last
Agency: Merkley+Partners


Sony Bravia – More Brilliance. More Beauty
In this ad that coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Sony Bravia4k HDR TVs, balloons explode around a casino releasing a firework of color.

Song: True Colours
Artist: Tom Odell
Agency: DDB


Kenzo World
This advert features a character after she escapes a boring black-tie gala to dance her way through Lincoln Centre, eventually, diving through a giant floral eyeball, the packing of the perfume. Utilizes sync licensing rights to the song Ape Drums.

Song: Ape Drums
Artist: Mutant Brain feat. Sam Spiegel Assassin
Agency: Framework


Nike – Da Da Ding
In this short film, Nike features female athletes running, jumping, fighting, sweating and screaming while looking pretty at the same time. The commercial utilizes music licensing rights for the song Da Da Ding.

Song: Da Da Ding
Artist: Gener8ion ft. Gizzle
Agency: W+K India


Les Sauveteurs en Mer – The Mermaid
A young mermaid in the depths of the sea longs for a prince charming to spend her life with till a sailor falls into the sea, only for a life jacket to take the man right where he came from.

Song: Without You
Artist: Tobias Jesso Jr.
Agency: Publicis Conseil


Beats by Dre Presents – Got No Strings
This advertisement to promote Apple’s Beats By Dre headphones features almost 20 public figures who sing, dance, skip or trip along to the ad music on a range of wireless headsets.

Song: I Have Got No Strings.
Artist: Dickie Jones
Agency: Anomaly


Audi R8 – Commander
The Commander is the story of a retired astronaut who is left reliving the golden age of space exploration only to be jolted to the present when his son hands him the Audi R8 V10 plus keys.

Song: Starman
Artist: David Bowie
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners


IKEA – Welcome Home
In this beautifully-made IKEA TV advertisement, a young boy shines a little light on his mother’s journey home. For sure, life is better at the flick of a switch. All these to the music licensing rights of the song Lighthouse, the perfect soundtrack.

Song: Lighthouse
Artist: Welcome Home
Agency: Mother


Volkswagen – Companion
This 60-second advert shows a red-haired toddler gradually aging through a period of 40 years in an evolving set of VW cars beginning with a Beetle and ending with its 2016 model.

Song: I’ll Be Your Home
Artist: Phillip LaRue
Agency: DDB

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