The Skoda Superb’s classic getaway

skoda superb
The new Skoda Superb cleanly melds the classic and the up-to-the-minute in its spacious design, so it seemed only appropriate to combine classical and modern in the car’s bold, music-centred debut spot.

The ad first features a lush, monochrome tour of the spacious sedan’s curves and features, complemented by a polished classical quartet. Things kick up a gear (or two), however, as the spot segues into a rocky rework of Basement Jaxx’ perennial hit ‘Good Luck’ and the car breaks free to do its elegant, abundantly agile thing on the night-time streets. The climax sees the tracks fuse neatly into one as dawn beckons on the horizon.
Tracks & Fields secured the licensing of key track ‘Good Luck’ to ensure a clear road for the Skoda Superb campaign. Watch the full-length cut below.

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