Porsche In Pole Position

To toast their recent first place position at the Rolex 24 race in Daytona, our friends at Porsche Racing have produced a brand new video. To help them celebrate, we found the music!


Racing state-of-the-art supercars at blistering speed for 24 hours straight produces some pretty dramatic moments. As you can imagine, this calls for an equally dramatic soundtrack.


Elegy Music’s ‘A Dying Planet’ is the kind of sweeping, majestic score you’d usually find in a Hollywood movie, but given the passion, tension, and suspense that goes into finishing a race such as this, you have to ask: which is the real blockbuster?


Congratulations to Porsche on a well-deserved 1st place in the GTLM class. We hope it’s the first of many this year.

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