Huawei invites you to #SeeMooore stunning photography with its new Leica smartphone and a cult 1964 song

Chinese telecom Huawei has just launched its new P20 and P20Pro smartphones, with a visually striking campaign film which will appeal to those with a keen photography eye.

In a continuation of their partnership with prestigious German photography brand Leica, Huawei’s P20 and P20Pro feature the new Leica Dual Camera. This new range is designed to capture the vivid and brilliant colour, as represented by the campaign film’s cast of bright young things living their best lives.

That Leica has existed for over 100 years, and that their most popular models come with vintage-look bodies aren’t the only retro aspects of this campaign. Our music supervision work placed the 1964 rock song “Baby I Go For You” by a British outfit named The Blue Rondos in the film – and it’s a song that comes with its own weighty backstory.

The 7″ record named Little Baby that the song originates from is the only record that The Blue Rondos ever released, but much of its ongoing notoriety has centred around rumours that the uncredited guitar parts of the record were played by a 20-year-old Jimmy Page! Another trivia note to assure this record’s position in rock’s history pages is that it was penned by the late producer and recording engineer Joe Meek, who was renowned as a teenaged prodigy in his youth and is often credited as being UK’s first independent pop record producer.

Watch the colourful SEE MOOOORE film in full, below.

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