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What’s that Genre? #2: Gabber

Seen as the edgier, alternative younger brother of Amsterdam, Rotterdam has always been synonymous with new movements and rejecting the mainstream trends of it’s older brother. Which gives you the perfect contextual background when...

What’s that Genre? #1: Dolewave

If there’s one thing that never ceases to entertain us here at Tracks & Fields, it’s the bizarre and often obtuse ways some artists, labels, publishers and publicists qualify their music through genres. It...

Ad Digger 8 7 2016

Ad Digger – 8.7.2016

  This week’s pick of the best synch licensed music in advertising gets a hint of movie magic, with new animated film spots from Chipotle and GoPro, and some super-hero powers from Nike.

Tracks & Fields 2014 Project Highlights

  2014 was a pretty bumper year for us and our clients. We expanded our presence in several markets, including Poland, and continued to find and license great tracks for play all over Europe....