Capture Special Moments with the new vivo V29 5G

Vivo V29

Smartphones have evolved into such a special tool these days, that they aren’t just a part of our lives, but they are our lives; a part of our personalities, wishes and desires. And with new, advanced technology, phone cameras can rival any professional equipment when it comes to taking amazing, high-quality pictures. 

To epitomise this feeling of making those perfect snaps of yourself or your friends, vivo Thailand has created a new and vibrant spot dedicated to their new phone, the vivo V29 5G. With full HD resolution, a capacitive multi-touch display and a 64 MP OIS camera with automatic image stabilisation, this new device is essential for taking the best quality pictures possible. 

vivo Thailand is the Thai branch of the Chinese multinational technology company Vico Communication Technology Co. Ltd. Headquartered in Dongguand, China, they count over 10,000 employees, serving over 400 million users across 60 different countries and regions. In 2021, they were ranked among the top five smartphone makers in the world, with a global market share of around 8%. As part of their collaboration with Zeiss lenses, they are committed to pushing the envelope when it comes to mobile imaging technology. 

Their Shenzhen Chudian Future Culture Communication Co-handled advert, filled with whip pans, 360-degree camera movements and quick montage, is a lively and exciting exploration of how much potential can be unlocked with a great mobile device with HD image quality. 

To help stress this upbeat feeling, filled with infinite possibilities, we commissioned a new composition by Niko with vocals by Katherine Ades. With a high-tempo electronic beat, we believe it perfectly captures the excitement of using this device. Feel free to check out the spot below! 

Brand: Vivo Thailand | Composer: Niko | Vocals: Katherine Ades | Agency: Shenzhen Chudian Future Culture Communication Co 

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