#WrapUp2022 A sexy diptych to celebrate!

Our super sexy diptych is inspired by Italian, Spanish, and German pop songs from the 70s and 80s. First, a campaign by Warsaw Creatives for the brand CCC Shoes Bags, featuring “Caliente, Caliente” a 1981 summer hit from the one and only Italian Pop Star, Rafaella Carrá. Premiered on RTVE Spain, it remains in the hearts of thousands of Spanish, Italians & Latins today.

Between a vast variety of genres, at Tracks and Fields we knew what was the path to follow: maybe because we’re aware of the power of Rhythm, as one of the most powerful elements in music. We experience this power, in our everyday lives and as communicators, we know that it has the potential of combining energy, drive and emotions to an audience. 

Advertisers have been working for decades with Rhythm, combining sound elements, music and visual elements, to capture attention and make the work, relevant & loved.

So talking about Rhythm, turn your volume up and enjoy with us this spot here:


The reverse shot of this diptych is from our friends from Thjnk for Amorelie, a sexy and clever brand that since 2013, they have been promoting sexuality in a stylish, inspirational and accessible way – not just sex, but also a life full of passion: sexual well-being. 

At Tracks &Fields, we worked on the music supervision and licensing for a contemporary version, from the 1970’s “Schlager” song by Roland Kaiser. 

In perfect synchronicity and according to the motto: “Give it to me loud, hot, colourful, wild or sensual, amore mío”.

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