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Tracks & Fields 2021 review – Episode 09: Rhythm is gonna get you

Tracks and fields 2021 review - topic rhythm - thumbnail
We are reaching the last but one episode of our 2021 review. This one is about rhythm.

Rhythm is one of the most powerful elements in music. It can convey energy, drive and emotions to an audience. Advertisers have been using it for years to capture attention and create a desired reaction. There are several reasons why rhythm prone music is so often used in ads. We want to pick 3 of them here.

Our first pick is fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger. Their advert for the Spring/Summer Collection is an interesting contrast of colorful and urban clothes in a natural coastline environment. Our choice of the tribal and dark song “Mercury” by Jon Kronick and Hvrshm3llo builds a further counterpole in this film.

In our seconds example a project for Zalando, the music plays out its seductive power to make you want to dance. In it’s Tik-Tok-ish visual language in combination with the music of DJ Blagstarr “Shake it to the ground” it perfectly bonds with their young target audience and encourages to show off your own moves.

Using rhythm as a synonym for drive and energy is a very powerful tool. Check out our last example, an ad for Volkswagen below, with Trufonix’s “Army” imposing the sheer power of the images to the viewer.

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