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#WrapUp2022 Are you having any fun?

The next two episodes from our #WrapUp2022, have both a funny tone, are infused by vintage songs, and have plenty of flurry beings & dreamy scenes. Our first selection it’s for Swiss retailer Denner with a concept from Thjnk Zürich: a spot with an extraordinary canine casting and performances. 

The concept developed was “Nah bei dir” – Close to you – based on the insight that Denner’s stores are just around the corner: the four legs friends are going to have fun, as Elain Strich’s song declares, but not for so long.

At Tracks & Fields we licensed the catchy Broadway style song, Are you having any fun?” by the great Elaine Strich recorded in 1956 – the original one dates back from a 1930s British musical comedy duo – Oldie but goldie!.

Another music trivia – sorry, just music nerds – in 2006 was re-versioned by Elvis Costello.

What better combo than dogs and this song to start having fun?


The second funny pick from this collection is from Wolt Czech and it’s about day-dreaming, with a concept developed by Triad Advertising, the production was in charge of We are productions and it was beautifully crafted by Lubos Rezler.

As a metaphor for joy, the creative idea focused on that magical moment when the courier arrives and some sort of instant friendship or falling in love state arises. Or is it just a bit of daydreaming? 

Among the many options that our Tracks & Fields music researchers delivered, the selected track was “Is it a sin?” by Al Hazan, a Los Angeles born and raised prolific producer who started to compose in his early teenage years, and as a perfectfit, it goes : “Tell me, is it a sin to love you, is it a sin to find the key to paradise?” 

Let yourself go with this Wolt moment!

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