Jacobs Have a White Christmas For The Fifth Consecutive Year

The weather outside may be frightful this winter, but Jacobs coffee certainly is delightful. 

For the fifth year in a row we have licensed Frank Sinatras’s Christmas classic “let it snow”, which fits perfectly with this cosy Christmas advert. The finishing touch on this festive setting is the appealing aroma of Germany’s leading coffee brand. A smell so tempting that not even Santa Claus can resist.

As the young child waits impatiently on Christmas Eve for their presents to be delivered, they come up with a cunning plan to get their presents delivered earlier. As they receive an inviting scent from their mother’s coffee, their plan begins to take shape as they know the big man can’t resist the welcoming smell. They quickly rush to capture the aroma, which, to no surprise, works perfectly as Santa takes the bait and swoops down to a warm cup of coffee with the child’s presents.

Tracks & Fields successfully secured the soothing voice of Sinatra for the fifth year in a row to match the crafty plan of the cheeky child.

Snuggle up with your warm cup of Jacobs coffee and watch the advert below! 

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