DEVK Save the Day by Serenading a Lion in New TV Advert


Not even a lion is a match for German insurance firm DEVK in their humorous new TV spot featuring a rendition of the classic 1960s track ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by the Tokens.


Seemingly minding his own business and purchasing a stuffed toy lion at the gift shop, an unsuspecting zoo-goer is approached by an escaped lion.


In an attempt to calm the king of the jungle down, he feebly sings the lyrics to the number 1 hit record ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by the Tokens, which Tracks & Fields licensed the copyright to.


Luckily a DEVK Insurance representative is there to out sing him, and save the day, with a braver version of the 1961 track that includes the catchy ‘wimoweh’ chant.


With lion taming skills and the willingness to go to extreme measures to help their customers out, the amusing advert effectively portrays DEVK’s message: whatever the problem, DEVK can solve it.


Watch the advert below and read more about the campaign on Horizont:


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