Where are you going ? The new Genesis G90 ad praises self-realisation

New Genesis G90 ad with music from Active Child licensed by Tracks & Fields - thumbnail

The new commercial for the G90 model of premium car brand Genesis is a cinematic short film. Starting from the simple question of the car assistant where to go, the spot turns the idea into showcasing the walk of life of the female protagonist.

The different scenes show her different facets, being a nature lover, caring mother, successful business woman, good companion hanging out with her friends etc. The film ends with the question “where do you want to go”, directly adressing the audience, asking where they want to take their lives. The tagline “status go” is an ideal summarization of their idea as a status car brand creating aspirational value based on going the extra mile to get what you want.

The imagery is an interesting mix of beautiful landscapes an urban scenes, complementing the diverse life of the protagonist.

The commercial shows a woman power message with many scenes summarizing different aspects of her life as she is taking care of herself, her friends, her family and still pursuing her own goals.

The cinematic film needed an equally cinematic song which we found in “Johnny Belinda” by American artist Active Child. With his spheric soundscapes and intimidating voice reminding of Gregorian chants, singer, songwriter and producer Active child achieved critical acclaim on media outlets such as Pitchfork Media and Drowned in Sound. His music has been featured in a number of TV shows and commercials, and he released his debut LP, “You Are All I See” with “Johnny Belinda” as the closing track in 2011.

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