Tracks & Fields 2021 review – Episode 10: Star power

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Our 2021 review reaches its final episode 10. This time we are covering famous songs.

There are many reasons why advertisers might choose to use famous songs in their commercials. Perhaps the song is particularly memorable and can help to quickly and easily get the ad’s message across to viewers. Additionally, if the song’s lyrics are somehow relevant to the imagery or topic of the commercial, that can be an effective way of reinforcing the ad’s message. The song itself may add a bit of humor to the commercial or it might help to evoke strong feelings in the audience.

Our first pick is a project we did for Volkswagen. Here, the music choice was taken to underline the feeling and spirit of the images and deliver the message of ‘you are free to do and achive whatever you want to’. George Michael’s “Freedom” lyrically and musically perfectly transports this attitude.

In our second example is a project for Pilsner Urquell. Did you know that it was the first pale lager, the mother of “pilsner” so to say ? It is characterised by its golden colour and clarity, and is a success globally: 90 per cent of beers produced and consumed worldwide are pale lagers based on Pilsner Urquell. But coming to the music choice: here you can see and hear that the music does not have a clear direct link music-wise or lyric-wise. However, the storyline of a powerful and self-determined woman is very much reflected in the powerful song “Mercy” by Duffy, an equally powerful artist.

Last but not least we chose a project for job platform Indeed, the number 1 job site worldwide with over 250m visitors per month. The music we licensed here is “La Mer” by Charles Trenet which adds a strong human factor and nostalgia to the hardly tangible and technological service. The short scenes of various protagonists and their lifes and goals shows the variety of job offerings of the brand.

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