Member Spotlight: The Woodlands

Our regular MEMBER SPOTLIGHT transmissions are back! We resume with a wife-and-husband indie pop duo with singer-songwriter leanings, known as The Woodlands.

Hannah and Samuel create lush and emotive songs as a duo. Their releases include an eponymous indie-folk debut album, a synthpop remix EP, a separate acoustic project called Quiet Arrows and an electronic music alias named Mt. Mineral. The Woodlands have drawn praise from international radio, press and blogs, and their songs have been featured in over 70 film, television and commercial placements, including Sundance, MTV, HBO, Showtime, ABC, BBC Radio, Anthropologie and Fashion Week New York.

Hannah and Samuel first discovered one another over a summer conversation in their Idaho hometown. They shared many mutual longings, one of which was to live abroad. They moved to Guatemala, and many other international outings followed thereafter. After much exploration of their interests, they decided to pursue creating music, and moved to Portland where they settled in for several years to make music together. They released an album and eventually moved again, this time to a small California town on the central coast where they now live and write songs together.

Hannah and Samuel have written, recorded and produced several albums and pursued a handful of other music tinkerings, and are waiting to be lured yet again by faraway travel and the writing of more music.

Their most recent release, Mt. Mineral x The Woodlands, was released in May 2018 and merged two of their distinct musical flavours in a beautiful union. The song “Making Love on the Mountain (Mt. Mineral Remix)” can be heard in full, below.

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