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Tracks & Fields 2021 review – Episode 06: Into the future

Tracks and Fields 2021 review - topic future - thumbnail
While lots of adverts share a positive and forward-looking attitude, in episode 06 we are highlighting futuristic imagery and settings.

Pepsi went with an unusual combination of food and martial arts, all put in a futuristic, Blade-Runner-esque setting. Director Angie Su states “It unleashes my imagination of food and let it go wild. In another word, it is the first commercial highlighting my aesthetics and philosophy of food and drinks that I have been exploring”.
Watch the film here:

Futuristic imagery can also be used to visualize a forward looking idea. Bosie followed this path, illustrating their vision of genderless fashion in a futuristic setting. Here’s the video to watch:

Lastly, you can opt for a futuristic VFX look to be able to tell a fanstasy storyline including elements that are not real. Social media phenomenon TikTok went for a futuristic imagery to promote their sales event on August 18 “818”. The film is bubbly and colorful in a fast edit, which perfectly caters their young target audience. At the same time it underlines the hype and craziness of this event.

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