Tracks & Fields 2021 review – Episode 05: Fun, anyone ?

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What would be a complete year-end review without a bit of humour ? Episode 05 is all about fun.

Actions speak louder than words, and this is especially true when it comes to advertising. Sometimes the best marketing campaigns are those that rely on entertainment as opposed to information. Commercials that feature a lighthearted atmosphere or an entertaining story tend to be remembered by viewers more than ones with only facts and figures for company information. Particularly adverts that make you smile tend to be very successful.

We are starting off with pasta brand Lubella celebrating one of their main ingredients and their producers – eggs. The rendition of “Coco Jamboo”, the popular dance hit of the 90’s by the Jarzębina folk band in Polka rhythm undoubtedly forms a solid foundation of a funny commercial. Pair this with custom lyrics about “hens here, hens there” and the healthiness of eating eggs and you will definitely end up with a short and amusing film. See it yourself:

Apart from music forming the foundation of humour, also the imagery can take over this role. In the second example, a project for telco provider PLUSH, the humour is straight to the point, slap-sticky and juvenile. With wonderful references to hollywood blockbuster ‘Home alone’ this ad is not only fun, but also sticks in your memory.

Finally, the whole creative can be build upon humour. Glass producer Schott decided not to release a couple of normal ads, but rather create a mini series with German comedian Michael Kessler. The brand is clevery incorporating the various applications of their glass types in short films that don’t come across as advertising to the viewer. Here’s the trailer, we recommend to check out the actual episodes on Youtube.

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