Find Reception Anywhere: O2’s Latest Campaign

O2 takes you everywhere in their latest German campaigns showcasing the sheer outreach of the phone and Internet provider’s service. To match the power of the campaign, Tracks & Fields cleared stirring music from Really Slow Motion.

With reception that can be found in the city streets to the top of the mountainous countryside, O2’s advert demonstrates the power potential of its service. For the spot, Tracks & Fields cleared music from one of Hollywood’s top music houses Really Slow Motion. The track ‘Gates of Pearl’ provides a cinematic feeling, which conjures up the capacity of the network in scenic locations around the world.
The advert also includes a switch from the ‘O2 can do’ to ‘You can do O2’ slogan, which according to Telefonica Deutschland’s Director of Brand & Communication Sabine Kloos, marks O2’s move towards a more customer-centric approach. Other spots from the new campaign and an interview with Kloos, can be found on Horizont’s website.
Check out the campaign below:

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