Tracks & Fields 2021 review – Episode 03: We’ve got you covered

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In this episode of our 2021 review we are focusing on cover recordings.

Using cover recordings in adverts can be a nice way to bring a classic evergreen to the current era. Such cover recording can come in various flavours, from a straightforward cover version of the original song, to a more unique reinterpretation that gives the song a new twist. Cover recordings can be used in adverts for all sorts of products and services, and they can be extremely effective in grabbing people’s attention. In fact, some of the most memorable adverts in history have used cover recordings of well-known hits.

In our project for Slovenska Sporitelna we cleared the earworm “We are the champions” famously performed by Queen. It’s a great example that a cover recording may come even without any vocals, still keeping the catchiness of the original melody while combining it with the emotion of a classical instrumentation. It greatly supports the touching story narrated by the protagonist.
Here’s the film:

Another way of usage of a cover recording is by attaching it to your brand, using new lyrics, often product or service related. If done right, it can serve like a memorable jingle of your brand, and a jingle may last even longer than a song. Check out the example below, in which Polish telco provider PLUS gives the anthem of the movie Flashdance new lyrics in form of the tagline “If you want a mobile, go only to Plus!”

You can also use new lyrics to serve as the narrative of your advert. By using the right song that is emotionally attached to a certain topic the viewer not only immediately recognizes the song, but is also set in the right mood to immerse in your story. Supermarket chain Lidl used Bob Dylan’s evergreen “The times they are a-changin'” telling a wonderful story of change during Covid times, with custom lyrics in local language. Due to the right song choice the film does not require any dialogue and even viewers not speaking Czech will immediately be touched by the story.

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