We have a lotta love for new German indie film ‘Mein Lotta Leben’

The wait is finally over for the cinema release of German language feature film ‘Mein Lotta Leben’, based on Alice Pantermüller‘s bestselling children’s novel of the same name.

You’ll find our music supervision and licensing work across the non-score elements of the soundtrack, including 4 tracks by pop sensation Lukas Rieger who also has a supporting role playing fictional superstar Marlon.

The Neele Leana Vollmar directed film tells the story of 10 year old Lotta (Meggy Hussong) and her best friend Cheyenne’s (Yola Streese) attempts to obtain an invite to their snobbish, privileged classmate’s party. Stylistically it draws comparison to Wes Anderson‘s work, albeit aimed at a younger audience. It offers up a playful exploration of the ups and downs of friendship and the misguided pursuit of school popularity with all the tears and laughter that comes along with it.

Catch it in cinemas across Germany now and watch the trailer below.

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