Mitsubishi push to do the right thing for our planet in their new film

Mitsubishi look to the future in their latest film, announcing that they are making changes in order to prioritise the health of the planet over corporate growth. It’s a landmark statement for a major company to make, and one’s that is vital if we are to meaningfully tackle climate change. We produced the music in the film with composer duo Sebastian & Axel and vocalist and songwriter IMDEAD.

IMDEAD’s vocals provide the track with a haunting yet hopeful atmosphere, as he asks “do you remember the feeling?”. Meanwhile the strings swell as the main character rises through the air and charts a course for a bold new world.

The film follows an employee at Mitsubishi and tracks the changes in the company and the world in the years since it began. It ends on a hopeful note, as they realise they cannot carry on as before and successfully create the society of the future and achieve their climate goals.

Watch Mitsubishi’s film ‘Doing the right thing’ here:

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