Mercedes-Benz turn away from the mundane with their new Edition 19 Sondermodelle and Bronski Beat

Mercedes-Benz have launched the campaign for their Edition 19 Sondermodelle, their latest range of cars that aim to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The soundtrack (licensed by T&F) comes courtesy of Bronski Beat‘s classic 1984 hit ‘Smalltown Boy’, with the driving beat and urgent synth lines enhancing the sense of pace and providing an uplifting, slightly surreal sense of escape from the everyday.

The spot captures the thrill and playfulness that comes from turning away from the mundane. The car shrinks and grows like Alice in Wonderland, dodging between suited legs before returning to full size in a blaze of fireworks. Time stops and starts, all at the command of voice activation (time warping functionality is sadly not included in the standard model).

Watch the Mercedes-Benz Edition 19 Sondermodelle spot here:

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