Tymbark Celebrates 80 Years with Sync of Britpop Classic


Tymbark, the Polish fruit and vegetable juice manufacturer, has just reached the ripe old age of 80. And in celebration, the drinks brand’s newest advert embraces the aging process with a sync license of a Britpop classic from Supergrass.


Tymbark’s latest campaign, titled ‘The Best Age’, breaks stereotypes of the elderly by declaring that the greatest time of your life is at the age of 80. And the company is speaking from experience. Tymbark, which was founded in 1936, just turned 80 years old itself this year.


To showcase the joys of being alive at any age, Tymbark’s newest advert runs through the happiest moments of getting older. Starting with a shot of a little boy gleefully running through the hallways at the young age of 8, the advert then hits every age milestone, before reaching the age of 80.

But the energy does not stop there. A spritely 80-year-old fast becomes the life of the party – and to the shock of his onlookers – with just a swig of Tymbark’s orange juice to keep him going.


Conjuring up the youthfulness of the advert, Tracks & Fields synch licensed the classic track ‘Alright’ by Britpop royalty Supergrass. With a lighthearted message about carefree youth, the sync licensed track portrays that it’s possible to lead a joyful life at any age.


Check out Tymbark’s newest advert here:

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