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Fashion brand Teenie Weenie encourages you to believe in yourself

Teenie Weenie - latest ad featuring music from Tracks & Fields thumbnail

Believing in oneself is a virtue that is often cited by many parents and mentors to inspire their children. If you believe in yourself, then it will be easier to accomplish your goals. However, once that following leads too far off the beaten path, parents would oftentimes discourage their children from doing that and take the safe way instead. But holding on to your passion can pay off one day. For fashion brand Teenie Weenie, this is the message they want to spread in their latest ad campaign.

It shows several protagonists and their unusual passions that their parents, teachers and alike discourage them to follow. However, the ad shows that these passions lead the protagonists to being successful in their – yet unconventional – domain once they grow up. As a music and synch licensing company, we believe that Teenie Weenie’s latest ad sends out an important message to young people: “Believe in yourself and make your dreams come true.”

The music provided by Tracks & Fields perfectly underlines the two sections of the ad, the childhood flashback scenes on the one hand and the wild, powerful and eventful everyday life the protagonists have today on the other.

Watch the full ad here:

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